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Enter the vehicle information requested in the appraisal window, and click the “Submit” button.
Enter your contact information when requested.
A value for your vehicle will then be displayed.  Provided you’ve described your vehicle accurately, BuyByeCar will purchase your vehicle for that amount.
Car Pricing
Shortly after submitting your information, you will be contacted by a BuyByeCar representative.  At that point, you can discuss your car’s value with the representative.  You may also be interested in learning more about the “We Connect” and “We Sell” services offered.  In some cases, BuyByeCar may want to see your car in person to “fine tune” it’s value (this can be done at a location of your choosing).  In some cases, it may even be worth more than the original offer!
If the “We Buy” service is used, BuyByeCar will arrive with a check in-hand to sign a few forms and take your car away.  In many cases this can happen almost immediately!
If the “We Connect”, “We Sell” or "Lease End Friend" service is selected, your BuyByeCar representative will work closely with you to custom tailor a strategy for selling your vehicle.

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